Welcome to Wild Things!

Wild Things is uniquely dedicated to traditional bowhunters only! It is a private property comprised of approximately three thousand acres of longleaf and loblolly pine upland, hardwood swamps, flood plains, creeks, and five miles of frontage on the Savannah River!

The Property

Lodge and a longbow

I purchased the bulk of the property in 1987 from a large timber company and over the years have added several contiguous tracts. The entire property is rich with hogs, whitetail deer and turkeys! To me, being in the Savannah River swamp at daylight or dusk is almost a religious experience. The property has an extensive and well-kept road and trail system along with many small fields that are planted with high protein foods and will be planted year-round.

The Hunt

Bunch of guys with bows

Many hunters choose to spot and stalk across the swamps and uplands, but treestands and ground blinds are spread throughout the property for your use. These are situated on trails, near food plots, and in acorn flats. Some locations include double stands for parent/child or hunter/camera combinations. If you prefer to use your own climbing stand, we have trees and areas we can point you toward. All elevated hunters are responsible to provide and use their own safety harness. All ground blinds are extra tall and wide to better suit the needs of traditional bowhunters.

In South Carolina it is legal to hunt hogs day and night. Hunters choosing to pursue hogs in darkness will need to provide their own light. Some hunters prefer bow mounted lights, and others use lights that they attach to the bottom of the feeders or to trees. If you choose to hunt hogs at night, it is strongly recommended that you practice diligently with the equipment before your trip!

When an animal is harvested, we will retrieve it from the field and take it to the skinning shed. We will dress the animal and hang it in our walk in cooler. If you prefer, you are welcome to handle any part of this for yourself. The animals will hang in the cooler until Sunday morning when they will be quartered in our indoor facility and packed in ice. Bring your coolers! There is no additional charge for any of this at Wild Things!

A non-resident South Carolina State Hunting License for a three day hunt is $40.00, or ten day license is available for $75.00 for our five day hunters. If you are planning multiple trips an annual license is available for $125.00. If you are planning your trip during deer season, and would like to harvest a doe with one of our property owner tags, you will also need to purchase an Annual Big Game Permit for $100.00. Your license can be purchased at Wiggins Hardware in the heart of Estill, or you can get your license online here at any time. No limit on the number of hogs you may harvest, but no wet sows please.

All Inclusive

Bunch of guys eating oysters

The Hunts are all inclusive: all meals, lodging (including fresh sheets, blankets and towels), snacks, bottled water, transportation from camp to any points on the property, and the cleaning/butchering of animals!

Your meals will be prepared according to your wishes (as best as I can do). Large or small breakfast, brunch or lunch, in camp or afield. Flexibility to enhance your hunt will be most important. Supper (or dinner as some like to call it!) will be after the hunt is complete. Southern fare has been strongly suggested by many of you, but I will prepare any meal you wish (almost any) with advanced notice.


Bunch of guys looking at maps

We will meet at Wiggins Hardware in Estill South Carolina at 6:00 pm Monday for five day hunts, or at 6:00 pm on Wednesday for three day hunters. You will receive detailed instructions on getting to the bow camp when you book your hunt in case you can't make the normal rendezvous point. We strongly recommend that you observe the posted speed limits in the small communities on your way here, have you seen My Cousin Vinny lately? Hunts begin the following morning and conclude Saturday at dark.

We have a maximum of eight hunters in our new guesthouse. We also have a remodeled cabin that serves as our social hub and dining facility.

If you need any sundries, Estill has a couple of hardware stores, groceries, etc., or let me know and I will be happy to pick up what you need.

Thank You!

Thank you for returning to Wild Things, or considering it for your next hunt. I assure you that it will be a unique experience!

Andrew Harper